The mind behind Audits.gr is Antonis Stroumpoulis an Electrical Engineer with significant experience in the field of industrial engineering, renewable energy, and energy efficiency. He has worked in several high-value projects, for both Greek and abroad-based companies.

During his career, he has had the chance to build experience by working in a variety of energy and industrial projects from several positions: as assistant engineer, design engineer, project manager, technical manager, product manager and most recently as a senior engineer in demanding and multi-tasking roles.

In autumn 2011 he decided to relocate in the UK focusing initially on the renewables’ sector and especially photovoltaics; he was also involved in smart and energy-efficient buildings’ projects.

Then he moved back to Greece, exploring new opportunities, providing solutions to electrical, automation and energy projects.

In May 2015 he started working for a multinational market leader in the Electrical and Energy management sector. His responsibilities entailed extensive engineering, sales and marketing skills.

He is now working as a consultant on energy audits for large enterprises and electrical studies.

Audits.gr represents his passion for Green Buildings and how EDGE certification can lead the way in going Green.