What is EDGE Certification?

The solution is EDGE: a software, a standard, and a green building certification system. EDGE recognizes the need for a measurable solution, with:

Free software for choosing the most cost-effective ways to build green.

A green building standard of 20%.

And a certification system to reward green building projects.

The EDGE STANDARD Focuses on resource efficiency, keeping CERTIFICATION achievable.
Let’s start with the standard, which focuses purely on resource efficiency. The requirement is a minimum of 20% less energy, water, and embodied energy in materials. This keeps EDGE certification achievable.

The EDGE software is the first of its kind in the world. The complexity of the application is hidden beneath the user interface, making it easy for you to cut back on the resource intensity of your building design. The EDGE software is free. It takes just a few minutes to create your user profile at edgebuildings.com.

Certification is offered by GBCI and the consortium of thinkstep-SGS in most countries, and by local service providers in key markets. Your building can be promoted as EDGE certified before it’s finished being built. This makes it easier to market the benefits of green buildings for those who own, rent, or work in them.
Please check this link for more information about EDGE at a glance.

edge certification

EDGE creates intersections among market players to deepen the understanding that everyone wins financially by building green.

EDGE Certification in depth

EDGE certification rewards developers who implement strategies to reduce energy and water use in their buildings, as well as embodied energy in materials. Offered at a modest cost, EDGE certification includes a preliminary certificate at the end of the design audit, and final certification after a construction audit. The preliminary EDGE certificate can be used to promote the project with the EDGE brand and develop a value proposition for customers who wish to own, rent or work in a green building. EDGE is available for new building designs as well as for existing buildings. EDGE reduces investor risk, attracts customers and makes a CSR statement of corporate excellence and environmental responsibility.
Now, let’s see the details about the pricing structure:
First of all you can register all the buildings at your site for one low fee of $300, so that the certification process can begin thereafter. Then there are two main but separate costs, the first of which is the actual certification cost, which is the Certifier’s fee and regarding GBCI is as follows:

Certification Fees

Calculate your certification fee for each building based on its floor area (excluding parking):

Floor area (SQM),
excluding parking
per SQM
0-25,000 SQM$0.27$2,250
25,001-50,000 SQM$0.22$6,750
> 50,000 SQM$11,000
Flat Fee

Please contact GBCI for custom pricing if you have multiple buildings or any single building that is over 75,000 SQM.

Auditor Fees

The other cost is the EDGE Auditor Fees which are negotiated with your chosen EDGE Auditor.
An EDGE Auditor will be required to perform design and site audits for your project. By choosing to work with GBCI, you are able to select and contract your own local EDGE Auditor that has been trained by GBCI. This keeps Auditor fees very reasonable as project owners may pay in the local currency, with minimal travel costs.
Learn more about selecting an EDGE Auditor.

Here is an overview of the certification roles, so that you can get the greater picture quickly.
An EDGE Certification is:

prepared by Project Team (EDGE Client, Design & Construction Teams, EDGE Expert)

verified by EDGE Auditor

certified by EDGE Certifiers

You may find more information about Certification here.

edge auditor

Why choose EDGE certification?

Edge is different from other certification systems.
Financial calculator. No other certification system has free software to calculate the cost of going green.
Quantitative approach. EDGE uses projected performance for a uniquely measurable approach.
ONE-STOP SHOP. Efficiency simulations are executed in EDGE andthe entire certification process can be conducted with in the software
PROJECT INTEGRATION. Certification compliance can be achieved with invoices, photos and a few architectural drawings.
LOCATION -SPECIFIC. EDGE has climate and lifestyle data for the most accurate results.
GREEN BUILDINGS FOR ALL. Fast and affordable, EDGE makes certification easy for everyone.